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CMAS-State of California
Contract # 4-04-74-0033B
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) for anti-theft security including PC security, laptop security, computer enclosures and security workstations. Contract Valid until 12/31/2016. Please call 800-453-4195 for more information.
Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing
Contract # CNR01331
National contract for all standard, custom and modified Bretford products. This cooperative is owned by its membership of more than 2,700 colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations located throughout the United States. Contract term beginning May 1, 2013. Call D&D at 800-453-4195 for a catalog(s) and discount structures. Visit for more information.
Federal GSA Contract / Anti-Theft Security Products
Contract # GS-25F-0002M
D&D Security Resources, Inc. is a GSA approved contractor for anti-theft security products. For a copy of the GSA contract, including current GSA price lists, terms and conditions, please call D&D at 800-453-4195 or visit GSA Advantage. D&D is a certified small and women-owned business enterprise.
Los Angeles Unified School District Furniture Contract
Contract # 4400002058
This contract (Bid No. C-275) covers the entire line of Bretford furniture, including Bretford "Basics", Bretford technology products, Legacy library products (Click Here For Bretford Discount Info) as well as our line of Mobile Device Lockers (Click Here For MDL Discount Info) and our Sync & Lock line of products (Click Here For Sync & Lock Discount Info). For more information about our LAUSD contract call D&D at 800-453-4195.
Contract # Student Series / MDL Series
PEPPM is a technology purchasing program available to customers in California. This contract offers a % off list price for Student Series iPad Cases and Accessories, the MDL Series of Mobile Device Lockers as well as deployment services in many areas. For more information contact D&D Security at 800-453-4195.
TCPN Contract
Contract # R4905 - Bretford Furniture
Contract for K-12 (public and private), Higher Education Schools (public and private) throughout the US, city-county-government entities, non-profit organizations. Agency must be a TCPN member. Includes Bretford Basics and Legacy product lines. Please contact D&D Resources at 800-453-4195 for more information.